Formula One – Participating Countries

A series of Formula One races are conducted over a period of time, usually over a year called the ‘Formula One World Championship season’. Each race in a season is called a ‘Grand Prix’ or GP and all the races in a season combined are called ‘Grands Prix’ (plural of Grand Prix).

The term ‘Grand Prix’ is derived from French which means ‘great prize’.

Participating Countries

Drivers from the following countries have participated in Formula One races as of 2015 −

1.Argentina 2.Australia 3.Austria 4.Bahrain
5.Belgium 6.Brazil 7.Canada 8.Chile
9.Colombia 10.Czech Republic 11.Denmark 12.East Germany
13.Finland 14.France 15.Germany 16.Hungary
17.India 18.Ireland 19.Italy 20.Japan
21.Liechtenstein 22.Malaysia 23.Mexico 24.Monaco
25.Morocco 26.Netherlands 27.New Zealand 28.Poland
29.Portugal 30.Rhodesia 31.Rhodesia and Nyasaland 32.Russia
33.South Africa 34.Spain 35.Sweden 36.Switzerland
37.Thailand 38.United Arab Emirates 39.United Kingdom 40.United States
41.Uruguay 42.Venezuela

Constructors from the following countries have participated in Formula One races as of 2015 −

1.Brazil 2.Canada 3.East Germany 4.France
5.Germany 6.Hong Kong 7.Italy 8.Japan
9.Malaysia 10.Netherlands 11.New Zealand 12.Rhodesia
13.South Africa 14.Spain 15.Switzerland 16.United Kingdom
17.United States

The following countries are hosts for Formula One races in 2015 &minsu;

1.Argentina 2.Australia 3.Austria 4.Bahrain
5.Belgium 6.Brazil 7.Canada 8.China
9.France 10.Germany 11.Hungary 12.India
13.Italy 14.Japan 15.Malaysia 16.Mexico
17.Monaco 18.Morocco 19.Netherlands 20.Portugal
21.Russia 22.Singapore 23.South Africa 24.Republic of Korea
25.Spain 26.Sweden 27.Switzerland 28.Turkey
29.United Arab Emirates 30.United Kingdom 31.United States

Number Of Grand Prix in a Season

The number of Grand Prix in a season has varied through the years, starting from 1950 which had 7 races. This number kept increasing up to a maximum of 20 GPs a year (in 2012). Normally there are 19 to 20 GPs in a season now. The 2015 F1 season has 19 Grand Prix, out of which 8 have been completed.

Grand Prix Naming

Each GP in a season is hosted by a different country and are named after the host country. Example: A GP held in Australia is called an Australian Grand Prix, that held in Monaco is called the Monaco Grand Prix and so on. However, a GP can be held in same or different cities of the host country every year.

Grand Prix Racing Distance

The minimum total distance of a Grand Prix race, including all the pre-defined number of laps must be 300 km or 190 miles. This is the standard distance for all races except for the Monaco GP which is 260 km or 160 miles.

Number of Teams in F1 World Championship

10 teams with two cars each are permitted to compete in the F1 World Championship as of 2015. That is, a total of 20 cars can enter the competition. However, the FIA regulations allow a limit of 26 cars for the championship.

Grand Prix World Championship

The results of all the Grand Prix races in a season are taken together to determine two annual Championship awards. They are &minsu;

  • Drivers’ Championship Award (for the drivers)
  • Constructors’ Championship Award (for the constructors)

The terms ‘drivers’ and ‘constructors’ are explained in later chapters.