Equestrian – Taking Care of the Horse

Horses are considered as large animals but they do require proper attention, care, and regular interaction. They are living beings and they do understand emotions. Taking care of horses, be it boarding them for some time or keeping them, requires commitment and money.

Making Stalls for Horses

While making stalls for the horses, make sure that their stalls are greater than 3.6m by 3.6m and they should be let out daily for exercise. They are fed hay twice a day. It should be noticed that the horse’s food is kept in barrels off the ground in order to prevent ingestion of sand which may cause sand colic.

Fences and Gates

Ensure that the fences and gates are in proper condition and try not to use barb wires as the animals may get caught in it and get hurt. If the riders want to board the horse, they need to check out what is available at that instance. In this case, they can opt for full time boarding that consists of all the requirements and making the stalls.

Riders should also carefully notice all the services and extras available at that instance. They are also expected to check on their horses at regular intervals so that they can monitor their good conditions. They should have close bonding with the horse so that they can prepare them for the big event.

Part Boarding

In part boarding, the horse does not belong to the riders. They pay some amount in return for its use. This is the best option for those who can’t afford to own a horse. As they pay less, they get to spend less time with their horse.