Equestrian – Equipment

Equestrian is a sport of horse riding in which the riders take part in any of the three disciplines. Horse riding is a dangerous game because if a rider falls from the horse due to his mistake or some other reason, he may get hurt. The rider also needs comfort while sitting on the horse so that he can easily mount on it and ride it. SO he needs comfort and safety equipment.

In this chapter, we will discuss about the equipment used in Equestrian.


Any saddle that fits the horse and do not restrict its movement is good to go. Breast collars can also be used to ensure that the saddle stays in its place in rough terrain.

Head Gear

It is a clothing element which every rider is bound to wear for safety reasons.



It is a material placed in a horse’s mouth positioned on its head through headstall.


Breaches are a set of trousers worn by the rider during the event along with boots and jackets.