Equestrian – Rules

Rules for equestrian are decided by Federation Equestrian Internationale. Let’s know the rules relating to various aspects of Equestrian.

  • Endurance has various phases varying from 20-40km each. The event lasts from one to five days. Phases depend on the distance that is to be covered.

  • After each phase, there is a compulsory break or rest time for feeding the horse. Veterinary inspections of the participating horses are also conducted during this time.

  • Time is the most important element that determines the winner of the sport. After each phase, players are given a time card mentioning and recording their timings. The first ten players who complete the finish line in best conditions are rewarded by the organizing committee.

  • The players should wear protective, securely-fastened headgear throughout the sport while on the horse. Safety stirrups are compulsion and while riding, all the players must wear footwear with heels of 12mm or more.


  • All the riders must be in their respective uniforms. Shorts and sandals are not allowed.

  • During the jumping event, all details regarding the event along with one copy must be posted at the entrance of the arena at least 30 minutes prior to the event. All barriers to be crossed have to be numbered in the order they need to be jumped.

  • Two flags are used for marking. All the compulsory turning points are marked with a red flag on the right side and a white flag on the left. If a rider tries to jump the barriers with their head gear incorrectly fastened, then they will be directly eliminated.

  • In dressage, all the rules related to the penalties and faults are very strict and the rider can be directly disqualified if the infractions made are deemed serious. Anyhow, the riders can improve their performance by listening to the judge’s comment.