Drag Racing – Points to Remember

There are several points that are essential on the way towards the track in drag racing. The first one is not to enter the lane of the opponent or the driver have to face disqualification.

Double qualification

It is a situation in which one driver starts the game as a foul start whereas the other one crosses into the lane of the foul start one. In such case the foul start driver will win.

Shifting Gears

Shifting gear is done manually by drivers. It increases the rpm of the wheels. The shifting is mostly done when the ascending curve for the higher gear is crossed by lower gear’s descending curve.


The credibility of a good driver is often judged by how he is pedalling. In fuel class cars, pedalling is the process of adjusting the throttle which will prevent the loss of traction. Almost all drag racers use a tachometer to judge the shift points.

Crossing the finish line needs bracket racing process only. If a car has a huge lead, it is advisable to slow down before crossing the finish line to avoid a breakout. Particularly in bracket racing, it is widely common to see the vehicle on the lead get its brake lights come out before even finishing the line.

Sand bagging

Sometimes the driver in the race who is in a bracket race position do a slower dial in which is the predicted estimate timing(E.T). Then he/she runs and when reaching the finish line taps the brakes lightly or do the pedalling which eventually reduce the E.T which give them a window to run closer to the dial in faster.

In case both of the cars break out, the car which is closer to their dial-in wins. However, there is a minimum elapsed time in a Junior Dragster racing, The cars which posts lower than the minimum will get ejected.