Drag Racing – Modification of Cars

During the drag racing events, the extent of the modification of the vehicle depends upon the classification of the vehicles.

Modification of Cars

The above-mentioned divisions are there to ensure if the cars are evenly matched during the race or not. All of the divisions cannot be applied. As the drag racing vehicles are modified to make it lighter and more powerful as compared to their standard form, it make them special.

A lighter vehicle is that whose power to weight ratio is more which helps to gain maximum acceleration. The increase of power depends upon the modification done in the engine.

Enhancement in Cars

The car is the main component on which various strategies are made. All the performance enhancements must comply with the rules of IHRA and its restrictions based on the class of the car which is running.

Some of the common enhancements are −

  • Usage of slick tires which should be smooth and soft enough to grip the track.

  • Methods to introduce more air into the motors such as the superchargers, turbochargers, and nitrous oxide also known as N20