Downhill Skiing – Tournaments

There are a total of ten events before the occurrence of Nations Tea event taking place. The game is played by both men and women and for both the genders, similar events are given with a slight modified distances. The Alpine World Ski Championships are organised by FIS.

Until the World War II, the competitions were held annually in Europe. In 1941, only the countries that hadn’t taken part in the war participated in the competitions. But unfortunately, the result was cancelled by the FIS due to the minimum number of participants in the game. Hence, the event was considered as an unofficial event.


For several decades, this game was held in even-numbered years with Winter Olympics acting as World Championships until 1980. The 1950 Championships held at Aspen, United States were the first official championships held outside Europe. The giant slalom was added to skiing in the year 1950. The combined event returned to skiing as a paper race. FIS World Championship medals were awarded in the combined events.

Types of Events

The different types of events that take place are as follows −

Men’s category Women’s category
Men’s Combined Women’s Combined
Men’s downhill Women’s downhill
Men’s Slalom Women’s Slalom
Men’s SuperG Women’s SuperG

The main event for Nations Team get conducted at the end of all other events. There are many features on which the scoring is made in which participants are rated as per the speed they attain. In some events, styles and tricks are considered.