Downhill Skiing – Champions

The first ever championships for downhill skiing were held in the year 1931 in Murren. The title was won by Walter Prager for downhill skiing. The title for slalom was won by David Zogg. After a few years, new disciplines were added and the competitions for those too were held in the later years.

The following table contains champions of Downhill Skiing −

Men’s Category Champions Women’s Category Champions
Patrick Kueng of Switzerland for downhill skiing. Tina Maze for downhill and combined skiing.
Jean-Baptiste Grange of French for Slalom. Mikaela Shiffrin of USA for slalom.
Marcel Hirscher of Australia for combined. Anna Fenninger of Australia for giant slalom and superG.
Ted Ligety of America for giant slalom. Lindsey Caroline Vonn of United States for super-G, giant slalom.
Hannes Reichelt of Australia for superG. Maria Höfl-Riesch of West germany for Downhill, super-G, slalom.

Many players get banned out of the competitions and other events that take place. These players mostly wind up as amateur players who are out of the competition but are not to be considered non-talented players. The competitions that are held locally, nationally and internationally encourages people who are interested to be in the team of skiers.