Diving – Rules

All the rules of diving is governed by FINA (Federation International de Nation). There are different categories of diving. We will discuss various rules pertaining to different categories.

Springboard Diving

All the competitions organised under this category in Olympic Games should be played in 3-meter springboard. Minimum six dives should be completed by men and five by women. You can increase the level of difficulty in this sport as there is no limit for this. There are different types of categories under this such as-backward, forward, reverse and twisting. At least one dive should come from each category. Repetition of one dive is allowed for men in the sixth attempt but not in case of women.

Springboard Diving

Platform Diving

In this type of diving, minimum dives to be performed by men are six and five by women. There is no limit for the degree of difficulty over here. In a list of dives, no category can be repeated. The height of the platform to complete all the dives is 10 meters.

Synchronized Springboard and Platform Diving

In this type of diving, men have to perform six dives while women have to perform five. A degree of difficulty is 2.0 which is assigned for first two dives in both men and women category. However the last three dives for women and last four dives for men have no limit on degree of difficulty. Both men and women need to perform one dive from each of the four categories. Among them, one dive should be made in forward direction and that too not by standing on the springboard. Among the six dives assigned to men, one dive can be repeated maximum twice.