Diving – Body Positions

Diving is a process of jumping from a springboard into a pool of water by performing some twists and turns in the air. But it requires heavy control over body to perform this. Let’s first learn the basics of diving and then we will proceed to various techniques.

Body Positions in Diving

Variety of dives is performed by the athletes in the competition. However; there are four basic body positions, as explained below.

  • Straight − In this type of posture without bending your hips or knees, your body has to be in line with the fluid.

  • Pike − Unlike in straight position, the bending of body at hips is allowed but such is not the case with knees.

  • Tuck − In this type of posture, you have to tightly hold your arms with your lower leg.

  • Free − Free body positions are made to twist in air. Any possible combination of two or more positions can be used over here.

These positions are referred to by the letters A, B, C and D respectively.

Body Positions