Curling – Types of Shots

Curling is not a sport of physical power, rather it is a sport that only needs good strategy and statistics. Different types of shooting strategies are followed to push the stone to its destination. Let’s have a look at them.

Guard Shots

  • To protect the shot rock, the players throw the guards into the free zone.

  • The stone which are close to the buttons are known as shot rock.

  • Teams often use this type of shots to make the opponent team difficult in playing their shots.

  • The position of the center guard is at the center line.

  • Corner guards position themselves to the right or left side of the center line.



  • The aim of this type of shot is to reach the house.

  • In this process if a stone is thrown with such a weight in such a line that it positions itself just in front of an opponent’s rock then the process is called Freeze.

  • In Tap back, the rock is thrown to change the angle of play of the opponent’s rock without changing its position.


  • The basic purpose is to remove the stones from the match.

  • If a stone is given enough weight so that it reaches at the back bumper and remove the opponent’s stone then the strategy is called hack or bumper weight.

  • A strategy where one stone removes another stone of opponent team and then spinning takes place to a new direction, it is known as hit and roll.

  • A strong shot which results in the removal of guard and rolling out of shooter as well is known as Peel.

  • If the stone removes more than one stones at a time, then the strategy is named as double (for taking out two stones), triple (for taking out three stones) etc.