Curling – Rules

Apart from basics and strategies, you should also know about the rules of the sport. Otherwise your hard work may award you with penalties instead of points. So let’s know about some important rules.

  • Neither the sweeper nor any other player of either team is allowed to touch the moving stone with their body or broom.

  • Till the end is over, no measurements are allowed. The stones which are nearer to the button as compared to that of opposing team’s stone will fetch one point.

  • The disputes regarding the shots will be settled down by the vice captains of both the teams.

  • The stone will be out of the play if it passes the back line.

  • Unless one stone strikes another stone, it should pass the hog line to remain in the match.

  • Delivery should be done from the hog line itself by the curlers. If any body part of a curler passes the hog line, then the stone is automatically removed from the match.

In addition to the actual rules, there are quite a few courtesies that are followed in Curling. That is the reason it is often told that curling is a Gentleman’s sport. Before the starting and after ending of each tournament, both the teams greet each other by handshake and wish each other. This called good curling. It is also a tradition that, if your team wins the match, you have to give fresh refreshment to the opponent team.

Here is a list of some other important etiquette in Curling −

  • Vice-captain will toss the coin at the starting of each match to decide the last stone advantage.

  • Even if your opponent team makes a good shot, complement them.

  • You have to take your position in the hack, as soon as your opponent strikes the stone.

  • To speed up the sport, you should place your skip’s rock in front of the hack

  • Till the opposing thirds have not agreed upon the score, the players are advised to stay outside of the ring.