Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Rules

International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is the governing body of this game that decides the basic rules and has the authority to change that. Before playing the game, you should have the knowledge of these rules to have a cutting edge over your competitors. Following is the list of some important rules.

By some of the dominating actions performed by the players, points are awarded to them in the following manner.

  • 4 points – Rear mount
  • 2 points – Take down
  • 2 point – Knee-on belly
  • 4 points – Mount
  • 3 points – Passing the guard

Dominating Actions

  • Before starting match, the players need to stand in front of each other.

  • The match is said to be started once the players move to the ground and after that no reset can be done.

  • Some acts like slamming, striking, and engaging in any dirty fight is not allowed in this game.

  • Leg locking is not allowed for the beginners who wear white belts. However above blue belts, ankle locking is allowed.

  • No points are awarded for escaping rear mount positions.

  • If a player is passing to the side control, then also no points will be awarded.

  • In this game, it is a rule that the referee will give direction of the match with hand signals and will use Portuguese language only.

  • If you are in a locked position you cannot run out of the bounds to escape.

  • Suppose the points and the advantages both get ties at the end of the match, then the referee chooses the winner.