Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Equipment

There are quite a lot of playing and safety equipment’s which are used in Jiu Jitsu and some of them are mentioned below.

GI − It is a Japanese term meaning uniform for training. Brazilian Gi’s are made from a tough material in order to make it durable and long lasting. Also a player cannot be grabbed by the opponent if he is wearing this dress.

Belt − In order to keep the jacket in place a belt is used. Another usage of the belt is that it can be used in both offensive and defensive techniques. The belt also represents the rank of the player. These ranks are as follows −

  • White belt is given to beginners.

  • Blue is given to person whose rank is just above white belt

  • Purple belt is for intermediate rank.

  • Brown belt is for second highest rank.

  • Black belt is given to the person who has achieved the highest rank.

  • Red/Black belt, also known as coral belt, is awarded when a player reaches seventh degree of black belt

  • Red/White belt is given to the person who has reached the eighth degree of black belt.

  • Red Belt is awarded to the person who has reached ninth or tenth degree of black belt

Grappling Shorts − Grappling shorts are made in such a way that they do not slide off easily. It also provides flexibility on the ground.

Rash Guard − Rash guard is made of such a material that absorbs moisture. When sweat evaporates it causes cooling effect on the body.

Mouth Guard − Although the does not include kicking or punching, mouth guard can still be used to keep the mouth safe from any accident if it occurs during the game.

Groin Protectors − Since groin is much exposed during the game it should be protected and for this groin protectors are used.

Head Gear − Head gear or ear protector is used to protect the ears and head during the game. The pulling of head can cause trauma to the ear which can separate it from the cartilage which can lead to cauliflower ear. It can also have a great impact on hearing.

Knee Pads − Knee pads and knee braces are used to protect the knees specially during practices as the player may land on knees or position them as per the need.

Gear Bag − Gear bags are used to put all the playing and safety equipment that are to be used in the game.