Billiards – Playing Environment

Billiards Board Design

Billiards is played on board that is riveted to a table. Unlike Carom or any other board game, this is the only game where the board is part of the table. The Billiards board is huge than any other boards. Similar to Carom board, Billiards board also has four pockets in the corner and two on the side bars. The playing surface of the board is top quality cloth material that is fixed firmly to the board. Such a surface helps the balls to roll easily around the board and pocket them.

Board Design

Dimensions of the Board

The playing surface measures 11ft 81/2 in x 5ft 10in x 2ft 101/2 in. At a distance of 29in from the bottom cushion, a parallel line is drawn called baulk line.

Another mandatory marking on the board is ā€˜Dā€™. It is drawn with mid-point of baulk line as centre. The radius of the D is 111/2 in.

Including the centre of the D, there are four more spots on the playing surface. One spot is called pyramid spot that is exactly mid-way between centre spot and face of top cushion. The third point is perpendicular to the face of cushion. It is 123/4 in thickness. The fourth spot is centre spot that is mid-way between both sides of the cushion.

The pockets in the corner and middle of longest sides comply with the standards of World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA).