Billiards – Equipment

The Billiards table was covered in earlier chapter hence, the remaining playing equipment will be covered in this chapter.


The balls used for Billiards should fulfil requirements of WPBSA in shape, size, and material used for manufacture. Each ball should have 52.5 mm diameter with very minimum tolerance. These balls are sets to be placed in specific positions on the table and each set differs from other.

The set of balls are either colored red, spotted white and clear white. Alternately, they can also colored red, white, and yellow. All the balls should be of same weight and any change of ball during the game is done based on mutual consent between players or it is referee’s decision.


The length of a cue should not be less than 3ft. The cue should be of regular shape and form as per WPBSA standards and should not deviate in any way.



At times the cue moves in to a tough position to play it straight with cue and requires a subsidiary or assist to play. These could be cues longer than usual, also called as half butts or butts based on their length. All these aids taken by players should be of approved shape, length, and all other standards set by WPBSA.