Billiards – Participating Countries

Asian Countries Participating in Billiards

Though a little late, Asian countries picked up the game fast and produced some world champion players. India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei are a few from the list of 33-member countries that play professional English Billiards. Below is a table of all the 33 nations.

Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports was formed to organize all the Billiard and Snooker events across Asia.

Afghanistan India Thailand Sri Lanka
Bahrain Indonesia Lebanon Syria
Bangladesh Iran Mongolia UAE
Brunei Iraq Myanmar Vietnam
Singapore Japan Nepal Yemen
China-Hong Kong Jordan Pakistan Malaysia
China-Macau South Korea Palestine
China Saudi Arabia Philippines
Chinese Taipei Kuwait Qatar

Non-Asian Countries Participating in Billiards

As the game took birth in United Kingdom, European and South American countries played this sport since. France introduced a separate table for the game and gradually, Billiards on French Table came into limelight. We will discuss the differences of English and French Tables later in this tutorial. Here is another table with list of Non-Asian countries participating in Billiards.

Egypt Canada Albania Germany
Lesotho United States Austria Great Britain (UK)
Libya Argentina Belarus Greece
Malawi Aruba Belgium Hungary
Mauritius Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland
Morocco Brazil Bulgaria Israel
Namibia Chile Croatia Italy
Nigeria Colombia Cyprus Liechtenstein
Reunion Costa Rica Czech Republic Luxembourg
South Africa Ecuador Denmark Macedonia
Swaziland Honduras Estonia Montenegro
Tanzania Mexico Finland Netherlands
Uganda Netherlands Antilles France North Cyprus
Zambia Nicaragua Norway
Panama Poland
Peru Portugal
Puerto Rico Russia
Uruguay Serbia
Venezuela Slovakia