Barefoot Skiing – Starting the Race

When you are floating in water, you have to balance in the same way as you balance on a wakeboard. The main thing is to relax your body and let your feet on each edge.

  • Let the boat gently pass forward and then you start to proceed.

  • Place your two feet on the horn of the boat.

  • When the boat picks up speed, the wakeboard will begin to plane off.

  • For stability, keep your feet on the nose of the boat and let the board take off. Tell the boat driver to reduce the speed if the board is about to bounce.

  • When the board is stabilizing, you have to down your feet in front of water.

  • At that moment, the motorist will increase the acceleration. Keeping your feet on the top of water, shift your weight on to that.

  • If water gets sprayed on your face, just feel calm and check all impulse.

  • Let go of the boom and flatten your feet out. You have to put more weight on your feet accordingly to the increase in the boat speed.

  • You have to feel wakeboard drift out behind you. Now you have to support your own weight.

  • Push your hip and back straight to water. Once you feel you have done much, run over the water. Bend your knees and allow yourself to sink down into water and do it again.

A wakeboard is easier to balance when you maintain good balance between two legs. This is the best way to learn how to stand up first time. Don’t attempt without practice, otherwise the boat will take off leaving you in an awkward position.