Barefoot Skiing – Rules

World Barefoot Council determines all the rules of this sport and implements this successfully all over the world. New rules of Barefoot water-ski became effective from 1st January 2010.

Some of the important rules of this sport are as follows −

  • Turn-around time of this sport will be decided by the chief judge with the recommendation of tournament director.

  • Just before the passing of skier, the communication judge present on the boat may allow maximum up to 1 minute to change gear or to replace any broken parts.

  • At the end of the emergency minute, if the skier does not able to start the pass, he/she will be disqualified from the sport.

Skiing Rules

  • Each tournament consists of 3 phases −

    • Elimination round

    • Semi-final round

    • Final round

    Everyone participating in the sport is eligible to compete in the elimination round.

  • A run-off is used in case of a tie but the score obtained through it is not included in the main score of the championship.

  • If two teams are competing, if there will be a tie between them, then both will go to the semifinal round but if there are more than 2 teams in the tie, the chief judge will decide whether to send all of them to semifinal round or none.

  • To become winner in the final round of the competition, the skier must maintain a positive score in the elimination round.

  • In case there is a tie in the final round, then −

    • Each skier in the jump category will be allowed to jump 3 times to break the tie.

    • Each skier belonging to slalom group will go through two passes until the tie breaks.

    • Each skier belonging to tricks group will go through two passes until the tie breaks.

  • If the skier is fount not wearing safety equipment while playing, then he/she may be warned followed by disqualification from the sport. Each team can keep two reserve players with them.