Barefoot Skiing – Equipment

In this chapter, we will discuss about the equipment used in Barefoot Skiing.

Shoe Skis

Shoe skis are a few inch long and wide and are mostly used for training purpose. The speed in this case is lower than that of barefooting because of the increased lift provided by the surface area.


A boat or other towing object is necessary to play this sport that can catch-up the speed of 30 to 45 mph. There are some specific boats which are built only for the purpose of bare footing that can run fast due to small wakes.

Handle and Ropes

The skiers use a rope with handle. The rope is connected to the boat and the skiers hold the handle. The rope also has a safety release which is used to disconnect the rope and the boat. The length of the rope with handle can be of 75 feet. The rope is either made up of nylon or poly E or spectra whereas the handles are coated with plastic.

Personal Flotation Device

It is an optional device for skiers. The skiers and bare footers wear a flotation device or padded wetsuit.


Barefoot Wetsuit

Wetsuit helps like a safety jacket. It is made up of a polychloropene synthetic rubber which maintains the stability and flexibility over wide range of temperature. It helps the players to float.

Padded Shorts

Padded short is not a mandatory equipment but is worn by some skiers and bare footers to perform tumble turns and deep water start.


Booms are used for gaining more tricks about skiing. Booms are used for the players to ski directly at the side of boat. It is a rod which hangs over the side of boat. As a result, it helps the bare footer to balance their body weight with the rod.