Bandy – Playing Environment

The size of a bandy field is 45–65 meters (148–213 feet) by 90–110 meters (300– 360 feet), which totals to 4,050–7,150 square meters (43,600–77,000 sq ft), or about the same size as a football ground and considerably larger than an ice hockey rink. Along the side lines, a 15 cm (6 inches) high border (vant, sarg, wand, wall) is placed so that it will not allow the ball move out of the ice.

At the centre of each short line, there is a 3.5m (11 ft) wide and 2.1m (6 ft 11 inches) high goal post. In front of the cage, there is a semi-circular penalty region which has a radius of 17m (56 ft).

Bandy Environment

There are two penalty spots, each located at 12 meters (39 ft) in from of the goal post. There are two free-stroke spots on the penalty line, surrounded by a 5m circle.

The centre spot marks the center of the bandy field and it is surrounded by a circle of radius 5m (16ft). A line called the centre-line is drawn parallel to the short lines through the centre spot.