Bandy – Championships

The first ever Bandy World Championship was held in 1957 and it was played every two years from 1961. Now it is played every year since 2003. The number of participating countries in the Bandy World Championship is 17, hence every country which is able to set a new team is allowed to participate in the championship.

Soviet Union, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Kazakhstan are the few nations who have ever won medals in the world championships. Finland has won the title once in 2004 and all others have been won by the Soviet Union, Russia and Sweden.


Some of the important Championships under this category are −

  • World Championships
  • Olympic Games
  • Asian Winter Games
  • World Cup
  • Winter Universiade

Bandy World Championship

Bandy World Championship is arranged by Federation of International Bandy. Previously, the countries that participated in this competition were Soviet Union, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Soviet Union has won many tournaments and dominated the championship. United States joined the championship in 1985. Later on, the sport got popularised in many other countries. Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991 which created a way for other countries to participate in the championship.

Olympic Games

Bandy has not yet officially included in Olympic Games as only three teams participated in 1952 Olympics held in Norway. The sport has also been tried to get a place in 2004 Olympics but it was not included. Now Federation of International Bandy is trying to include the sport in 2022 Olympics.

Asian Winter Games

Bandy was included in Asian Winter Games from 2011 in which three teams participated. Kazakhstan won Gold in the first Asian Winter Games.

World Cup

World Cup is arranged annually since 1970s in which teams of various clubs participate. The tournament is arranged in the month of October rand played day and night. The tournament has to be completed in four days.

Winter Universiade

Bandy will be demonstrated in Winter Universiade in 2017. In 2019 also, it will be included in which women teams will also participate.