Badminton – Variants

Speed Badminton

This game is inspired from Tennis, Badminton and Squash, and is fast gaining popularity throughout the world. It doesn’t require a net or any specific court, and players can play on empty roads, beaches, badminton, or tennis courts.

Two squares, each of 18 feet sides at a distance of 42 feet from each other make the court. The rackets are of length 58-60 cm and similar to Badminton’s but the material of strings is different. The ball, called a speeder, is heavier than a badminton shuttlecock and can shoot through wind better.


The doubles match is a variant of Singles Speed Badminton and is played on a single court.

The serving rules are tweaked a bit; so that, all four players get a chance to play the match. A toss or rotating speeder decides who should serve first, and the server rotate among the four players. While the serving player stands at the back court, the other player stands at the front. The rules of faults are similar. The right to serve goes to the one who lost the previous rally.

Black Lighting

With proper lighting and fluorescent equipment, you may play speed badminton even at night. It is a very flexible sport and can be played indoors or outdoors in a court that is painted or pegged off. In some cases a portable court, similar to a carpet court is also used.

When played at night, speed badminton is called Blackminton. Back light, fluorescent paints, glow sticks also called as speed lights, special rackets and speeders fluorescent in color make it possible to play at night.