Badminton – Playing Environment

Badminton is usually played outdoors as the shuttlecock drag is higher and it is difficult to play in windy weather conditions. As a recreational activity Badminton can be played outdoors.

Court Dimensions

Badminton court is rectangular and is divided into two equal symmetric halves by a net suspended from two vertical posts fixed at either sides of the court. Courts are marked for singles and doubles, as they differ in their dimensions; the doubles court is larger in breadth than a singles court and has a shorter serve-length dimension.

Badminton Court

The width of doubles court is 20 feet and that of singles court is 17 feet, and both are of the same 44 feet length. A short service line is marked on either sides of the court at a distance of 6ft 6inches from the net. A doubles long service line runs across the breadth of the court at 13 feet from the short service line, and the end of the court marks the singles’ long service line.

A center line parallel to the length of the court divides each side of the court into two equal halves. A net is suspended from poles at the centre on each side of the court on double sidelines. The bottom of the net is at a height of 5 feet 1 inch from the ground at the edges and 5 feet at the center.