Badminton – Terms

Attacking clear − An offensive player makes this stroke when he shoots the shuttlecock deep into the opponent’s court.

Backcourt − Back one thirds of the court before the boundary lines on either sides of the net.

Backhand − The stroke that returns shuttle cock to the left of a right-handed player and to the right of a left-handed player.

Base position − A singles player tries to return to the center of the court during the play; it is also called Base position of the player.

Baseline − The line that marks the boundary at the breadth of court.

Carry − If the shuttle gets stuck for a while in the wires before getting released, the stroke the player makes with the racket is called a carry, sling, or throw and is considered illegal.

Drive − A fast shot when the shuttle flies straight over the net but close to it.

Drop shot − A clever shot when the player rapidly drops the shuttle close to the net to the opponent’s court.

Feint − Any pretend shot or movement also called as “balk” that unsettles an opponent before or during the serve.

Flick − A quick wrist-and-forearm rotation that changes the course of a soft shot into a fast one and surprises the opponent.

Forecourt − The front one thirds of the half court on both sides of the net, between the net and the short service line.

Forehand − The stroke that returns a racket to the right side of a right-handed player and to the left side of a left-handed player.

Game − A game is finished when a player or team scores enough points to win a single contest; it is a part of a set.

Hairpin net shot − The trajectory of racket is hairpin shaped when a player lifts it from falling close to the net and sends it to the other side where it drops sharply close to the net.

Half court shot − A low shot to the midcourt, usually used in doubles game.

High clear − A deep shot by a defending player to the opponent’s court.

Kill − The shuttlecock is shot very fast; so that, it cannot be returned.

Let − A minor violation of the rules when the referee allows players to replay the rally.

Long Service Line − In singles it is same as the boundary line at the breadth. In doubles the line is 2.5 feet inside the singles line. The serve should not go past this line.

Match − A series of games where a winner emerges at the end.

Midcourt − One third middle part of court between the net and the back boundary line on either sides of the net.

Net shot − A shot hit high from the forecourt close to the net that just flings the shuttlecock over the net and drops it sharply.

Passing shot − Any shot passing the shuttlecock to the opposing player or team.

Push shot − A slight wrist movement that gently shoots the shuttlecock.

Service court − The area into which a service must be delivered; this is different for singles and doubles.

Short service line − The line marked at 1.98 meters from the net in service courts where player plays in a singles game.

Singles sideline − The side boundary of a singles court.

Smash − A hard-hit overhead shot into the opponent’s court that pushes the shuttlecock downwards very fast.

Wood shot − A shot with the frame of a racket.

Short Serve − This kind of serve is mostly used in Doubles. The shuttle cock barely clears the net and lands close to the serve line.

Long Serve − This kind of serve is mostly used in Singles. The shuttlecock reaches far and deep into the court.