Wrestling – Scoring

While you start practicing this combat sport, you must become aware of various techniques of scoring and signaling used by referees. You also must know the categories of Wrestling Championships.

The following table lists the points that are assigned for different cases in a match −

Cases Points
Escape 1 point
Stalling 1 point ( after 1 warning)
Technical Violation 1 point
Takedown 2 point
Reversal 2 point
Near fall(Injury) 4 point
Near fall (2 sec) 2 points
Near fall (5 sec) 3 points

The following table lists the different cases of scoring points for the team −

Cases Points
Fall (Pin) 6 points
Tech Fall (margin 15+ points) 5 points
Major decision (margin 8-14 point match) 4 points
Decision (Major 1-7 match point) 3 points
Major Decision (margin 8-14 points) 4 points