Wrestling – How to Play?

Wrestling is the combat game of power as well as strategy. The wrestlers need to anticipate the forthcoming moves of the opponent and answer them with equally powerful move. Wrestlers enter into the playing area and go into the center circle marked on the mat. Let us see a few basic moves the wrestlers employee while playing −

Half Nelson and Crotch

This is one of the simple yet important moves of the wrestling. The main part of this move is the crotch that is barred in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Here is how you do it

  • Initially, put your hand on the back of your opponent. Jerk him forward.

  • By this time, your opponent will try to protect himself from the toe fall.

  • Now thrust your right hand through his legs for a crotch hold.

  • As soon as he will try to spin around, slip your left arm under his left hand and perform the half nelson and crotch combination.

One Important Move

Scissors on the Body

Here is how you do it −

  • Put your opponent on the mat and secure it by rolling him under your body.

  • Perform a half nelson by suddenly pushing his head down on his left side. During this time the opponent will try to resist.

  • Jump in such a manner that he will slip between your legs.

  • Roll above him as shown in the below picture.

  • Adjust the feet in a grapevine manner and this will result in a sure shot fall.

Scissors on the Body

Bar and Further Arm Hold

Here is how you can do −

  • If you are present on the left side of the wrestler, secure a further arm hold by shooting his left arm around.

  • Get a firm hold under the head and bar hold under the left arm of your opponent with right.

  • Perform upward movement of the bar followed by a pulling forward action with a further arm grip. This action will force the opponent to mat in such a position that his weight will be bore on his chest.

  • Through this action the shifting of his grip occurs which is followed by an immediate fall on the ground.

Bar and Further Arm Hold

Toe and Ankle Hold

This move can be well secured when the wrestler will be on the mat −

  • While working on the right side, draw the left foot of the defensive grappler up.

  • By holding the toe, slide under his right leg.

  • To complete the hold before the defensive player rises up, put your right hand under him and grab the imprisoned left ankle.

  • This process will give a less pain and the opponent will gladly give up.

Toe and Ankle Hold

Wrestling Headlock

The perfect time to apply the headlock is when your opponent is on his hand and knees on the mat. This position is suitable because in this case the hand is locked with the head.

This is how you do it −

  • If you are present on the right hand side of your opponent, push down his head, resting the left arm heavily on the head.

  • Now try to get inside the right arm of your opponent

  • Grab your own left hand just below the wrist.

  • Now securely lock his head by drawing it towards your arm. This makes the defensive player helpless and with a little effort he can be forced on to the mat.

Wrestling Headlock

Quarter Nelson

If you want to shift the grip, then this is the best move for you. This is how you do it −

  • If you are present on the right hand side of the opponent, put your left hand under his right arm pit.
  • On the other hand, position your right hand on the back head of the opponent with palm facing down.
  • Try to grasp your own right wrist with your left hand followed by applying pressure.

Quarter Nelson

Wrist Lock and Arm and Leg Grapevine Hold

Go for this move when your opponent is over you. When you are dealing with such situation −

  • Grasp the left wrist of your opponent with your right hand.
  • Do the arm grapevine by encircling your left arm.
  • Grapevine the left leg of the aggressor with your own left leg.
  • Now with a grapevine twist, you can make your opponent fall on the mat.

Wrist Lock