Windsurfing – Important Terms

Here are some important terms used in the domain of Windsurfing −

  • Abandon − It is a race that the race committee withdraws. It is void but may be resailed.

  • Clear Astern and Clear Ahead − A boat is a clear astern of another when her hull and equipment in normal position are behind a line abeam from the aftermost point of the other boat’s hull and equipment in normal position.

    The other boat is clear ahead. They overlap when neither is clear astern. However, they also overlap when a boat between them overlaps both. These terms always apply to boats on the same tack.

  • Fetching − A boat is fetching a mark when she is in a position to pass to windward of it and leave it on the required side without changing tack.

  • Finish − A boat finishes when any part of her hull, or crew or equipment in normal position, crosses the finishing line from the course side. However, she has not finished if after crossing the finishing line she −

    • Takes a penalty

    • Corrects an error made at the line

    • Continues to sail the course

  • Interested Party − A person who has a near personal interest in the decision.

  • Keep Clear − A boat keeps clear of a right-of-way boat in the following conditions −

    • If the right-of-way boat can sail her course with no need to take avoiding action.

    • When the boats are overlapped, if the right-of-way boat can also change course in both directions without immediately making contact.

  • Leeward and Windward − A boat’s leeward side is the side that is away from the wind. The other side is her windward side.

  • Mark-Room − Room for a boat to leave a mark on the required side.

  • Obstruction − An object that a boat could not pass without changing course substantially, if she were sailing directly towards it and one of her hull lengths from it. An object that can be safely passed on only one side and an area so designated by the sailing instructions are also obstructions.

  • Postpone − A postponed race is delayed before its scheduled start but may be started or abandoned later.

  • Course − A course a boat would sail to finish as soon as possible in the absence of the other boats referred to in the rule using the term. A boat has no proper course before her starting signal.

  • Racing − A boat is racing from her preparatory signal until she finishes and clears the finishing line and marks or retires, or until the race committee signals a general recall, postponement or abandonment.

  • Room − The space a boat needs in the existing conditions, including space to comply with her obligations while maneuvering promptly in a seamanlike way.