Windsurfing – Equipment

When it comes to learning any extreme sport, the participant needs to know which all equipment are required for the sport. There are a few equipments for actual game as well as there are also a few for the safety of the player. Let us see in brief, which equipments are required for Windsurfing −

The Surfing Board

The surfboard is an elongated piece of board that you stand on, and has one or more fins and dagger boards (on some models) underwater. It is 2.5-3 meters long.

The boards are made of either Expanded Polystyrene Foam, Epoxy, Fiberglass, PVC or Carbon Sandwich. Lighter boards are good for Wave and Speed windsurfers while the beginners should start with heavier and larger boards.

The Rig

It consists of a sail, mast, and a boom. The boom is the bit you hold on to and the mast is used for support. A cord should run from the boom to the bottom of the mast, this is the uphaul and is used to pull the sail up.


It protects the surfer’s head from any minor to fatal injuries that might happen during the sport.



They protect your eyes from the direct sunlight as well as light reflected from water. Wearing sunglasses saves you from tiring the eyes due to light and winds.


They protect your toes and feet from the possibility of bruises or scratches.


It is a skintight outfit that makes you comfortable inside the water. It is made of foamed neoprene, which keeps the body warm.

Rescue Coat

This is a light weight life jacket that you need to wear during the sport to save you from drowning into the water.