Speedway – Rules

Rules for speedway motorbike series are made by the FIM. These rules mention the guidelines for the riders, track specifications, boundary, safety precautions and all other things. The rules of the speedway racing are as follows −

  • Every team is represented by four riders with different helmet colors.

  • Each round is of 20 drives. Each rider is destined to race in five drives and counter other riders during the meeting.

  • The team that wins three points wins a heat (races are known as heats), one with two points finishes second and one with one point for a third place finish.

  • When a team lags six points behind the leader, they are permitted to make tactical substitutions.

  • Every team can have one joker if they lag behind six points behind the leader. No jokers are permitted during heats 17-20 still a tactical alternative is used.

  • The final four heats are nominated by their team managers.

  • If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by who finishes the first place first. If tie persists then the most second place finisher then the most third place finisher is determined and the process continues till there is only one champion.

Speedway Motorbike