Speedway – Equipment

The following equipment are required while racing in speedway −

Leathers − Only a single piece leather suit is allowed and combination of jackets and trousers is not allowed in racing events. It acts as a protection against crash.

Helmet − Riders from different teams wear helmets of different colors. It is not recommended to purchase a second hand helmet.

Body Armour − Body Armour acts as a protective shield by absorbing heat from the effect of hitting the track.

Gloves − The riders should wear gloves made of nomex and leather to protect their hands and ensure proper grip.

Knee Sliders − It is highly advised to wear it as many a times the race leather comes in contact with the touch fasteners on the knees ready to attach the sliders.


Motorcycle Boots − It is recommended to wear good quality leather boots having a height of 200mm. Always go for the pair that is easy to use while driving.

CE Mark − It represents that the clothing abides with the rules and regulations laid. It is just a mark to ensure that the rider has the best safety equipment and it’s not a big deal if the rider doesn’t have this mark.

Identification Disc − It is important to wear an identification disc while practising and racing. It carries your complete details.