Sepak Takraw Tutorial

Sepak Takraw or kick volleyball is a Southeast Asian sport, where players use their feet, knee, chest, and head to touch and control the ball. Sepak in Malay word which means kick whereas takraw symbolizes the woven rattan ball used in the game. The game has also a lot of resemblances with games like footbag net, footvolley, football tennis, jianzi, sipa etc.

A fun game with huge popularity around Southeast Asia, this game has a lot of resemblance to that of volleyball in case of rules and game sets. This tutorial will let you know about the rules and the procedure of playing the game.


People who love to watch volleyball can equally enjoy Sepak takraw as the rules and regulations are very much similar. As compared to volleyball, this game is more visually entertaining as no hand touch is allowed. Players perform a lot of gravity defying stunts during the game in order to shoot perfectly shots which enthrals its audience.

This tutorial can be a good reference for people who have no idea about the game but still have the interest to learn this game. Proper description and picture illustrations are provided wherever required for a better understanding.


Even though rules are same as that of volleyball, Sepak takraw is not an easy game to play. Players have to go through extremely hard preparation in order to excel in this game. Players need to have good foot-eye coordination, great acrobatic skills as well as extremely good physical fitness in order to play this game properly.

Players need to train properly in order to be quick enough to perform the various kick shots based on situation along with great pace.