Sepak Takraw – Faults

During a set in a match, the game continues till any of the teams make a fault. It is considered as fault if −

  • A player fails to pass the ball to the opponent team within three touches.

  • The ball hits the ground before being kicked off to the other side.

  • The ball lands out of bounds.

  • The inside player plays the ball after the score call before passing it to the server.

  • The inside players lift their foot, cross the quarter circle, or touch the net during tossing of the ball before the serve.

  • The server jumps of the ground during a serve.

  • The server fails to kick the ball once it is tossed by the inside players.

  • The ball does not goes to the opponent side after serve.

  • The players use any other part of the body besides the legal ones.

  • The ball hits the hand or arm of a player.

  • The players shout during the game.

  • The player touches the ball at the opponent team side.

  • Any body part crosses under or over the net.

  • The player holds the ball under the arm or between the legs.

  • The ball hits the roof or walls of the court.