Running – Rules

The runners should abide by the following rules in order to complete a race −

  • Sprinters should run in designated lanes and cannot cross lanes, throughout the race.

  • In races with bunched starts, athletes can break inside. In 800-meter race, they start from staggered positions and can break inside after the first bend.

  • In longer races of 1500 meters, 5000 meters, and 10000 meters, athletes can break inside after the start.

  • Sprinters shouldn’t step on white lines that mark their lanes throughout the race.

  • Sensors are placed in the starting pistol and at the blocks. In case of a false start, the athlete is disqualified.

  • Before giving the ‘set’ command or before firing the starter gun, athletes cannot touch the other side of the start line with their hands or feet.

  • Athletes should not obstruct other athletes during the race.

  • If an athlete is obstructed, the referee may order the race to be held again, or he may ask the athlete to take part in the next round.

  • Athletes may leave the track voluntarily before the race ends, but they cannot come back to the track else they will be disqualified.