Running – How to Play?

Before the tournament starts, players’ positions, the number of heats, and the number of rounds are decided by the organizing committee.

Getting Ready

In sprints athletes take crouch position and in longer races, athletes should start the race from standing position. Here no starting blocks are used. They take respective positions in the lane before the starting line, when they hear on your marks call.

During sprint races, the ‘set’ position is taken on the next call, firmly placing feet on starting blocks and taking crouch position. For longer races, there is no ‘set’ call as they start their race in standing position. For the 800-meter race, athletes start from staggered starting points. For the 1500-meter race, athletes make a bunched start in standing position.

How to Play

A Quick Glimpse of the Sport

Here’s how a typical race proceeds −

  • Runners occupy respective positions in call.

  • They start once they hear the starting gunshot.

  • They run in their respective lanes along the race track.

  • The race finishes when any part of the athletes’ body crosses the vertical plane of the finish line.

Winning a Race

  • Each race is divided into various rounds and each round may be held in many heats to accommodate all athletes.

  • The contesting athletes’ records and past achievements are considered while dividing athletes among heats. It is done so that the most successful athletes reach the finals.

  • Though athletes might be randomly placed in the first round, athletes who advance by place and time are recorded. These records are considered while seeding them in heats in subsequent rounds.

  • Usually two to three top performers from each heat participate in the subsequent races.

  • The one who reaches the finish line first in the final is the winner.