Rafting – White Water Classes

Classes of white water are also known as the International Scale of River Difficulty. There are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. The range varies from simple to very dangerous.

  • Type 1 − This type of water is having very small rough areas. The rafters can require either no or little manoeuvring.

  • Type 2 − This water is little more rough in comparison to Type 1. It may contain rocks and very small waves and require manoeuvring.

  • Type 3 − This type of water is called white water having medium waves. The waves are not dangerous but manoeuvring is required.

  • Type 4 − This type of water is called white water having large waves. In addition to that rocks maybe present along with long rapids. Sharp manoeuvring may be needed in this case.

  • Type 5 − In this type of white water there are large waves with high volume. It has the possibility of having large rocks and hazards along with large drops that’s why it requires precise manoeuvring.

  • Type 6 − In this type of white water, non-passable rapids are there which can lead to serious injury or drowning.