Rafting – Equipment

Before learning any sport, knowing about equipment is very much helpful as when others give you advice, you need to know what they are talking about. The equipment used in rafting are as follows −

Inflatable Rafting Boat

Previously the inflatable rafts were very sensitive. They could tear apart during a race and were very dangerous. New technologies are now used in making the rafts which are much more reliable for racing.


Life Jacket

Life jacket is used for the safety of the rafters. They come with vests and are available in all sizes so that rafters do not face problem in choosing them. The jacket has to fit properly so that the upper part of the body floats in water.


Rafters have to wear helmets to prevent head injuries. The rafters have to choose the helmet that fits their head properly.

Carbon Paddles

The paddles should be made in such a way that the can be paddled smoothly on the water.


Rafters wear wetsuit if the water is very cold because wet suit provides thermal insulation which help the rafters to bear the cold.


Rafters wear drysuit when the body is in water. This suit provides thermal insulation to the body except head and hands.

Rescue Throw Bags

Rescue throw bags contains the things which are needed to rescue a rafter if he falls in water. The bag consists of a rope whose one end is attached to the bag and the other end is in the hands of a rescuer.