Racewalking – Playing Environment

Road Courses

Walking races are usually held on road courses where the race begins from a stadium and finishes at the stadium. Racewalking races are conducted ideally in summer as a road event and typically outdoors. Usually happens in multiple laps of 2 to 2.5km road circuits. Depending upon the path and distance of the road course up to nine walk judges are spaced to check the walking technique of the athletes. As per the rule, the athletes have to maintain a foot contact with the ground and always remain straight. Each walk judge checks the samples of competitors every lap or circuit.


Running Tracks

Racewalking is also been conducted on running tracks although walkers cannot essentially race in lanes. Yet the competitions at times are held on the tracks because of its consistent surface. The tracks are rubber coated to make the surface uniform and unbroken which is ideal for a championship. Each lane on the track is around 122cm wide and the length of the track ranges from 200m to 400m long. Based on the length of the track up to six walk judges are spaced around the track.