Paragliding – Equipment

In this chapter, we will discuss about the equipment used in paragliding.


The wing or canopy of the paraglide is also known as ram air airfoil in aeronautical engineering. There are two sets of fabric on a canopy and it is connected in such a way that it forms an internal support material by forming row cells. The wings are made either of rips ton polyester or of nylon fabric.


Harness is attached to the wing through baffled cells. The pilot use the harness to stand or sit and cover long distances. Nowadays harness also work as a backpack so pilots do not have to carry one. Airbag protectors or foam is below the seat which provides protection during failed launch or landing.



The variometer helps a pilot to gain height and also to get the location of rising air when he is sinking. As pilots cannot detect the rising and sinking air, variometers can do the job through short audio signals like beep. It also displays the altitudes.


Radio is needed to communicate with other pilots and other assistants to paragliding. Different countries have different range of frequencies based on their system. In certain situation the pilots talk with the airport control and air traffic controller.


The GPS or Global Positioning System is a must in paragliding as it helps the pilot to check for the area geographically and also other pilots track the movement of each other hich helps them to track each other and learn each other movements.