Nordic Combined – Equipment

Before discussing the equipment, let us first discuss the playing environment of the sport.

Playing Environment

Nordic combined is a sport that demands snow fields and hilly areas for playing. Snow is needed because the players need to ski on the open the plane surface. In general, you can only get musky plain surface in terms of snow only. Apart from that one has to show his skills of sliding, turning and jumping the bumpy hills. This means that the area should be hilly with lot more sliding edges.

Let us now discuss the equipment used while playing Nordic Combined.


When you are mounting the binding, try to bind it parallel in the direction of running. Ski should be attached in such a manner that 60% of it can be used as front part.


The boot should be comfortable enough when the skier leans forward while performing skiing. If you are going to buy a new shoe for skiing, do check the following characteristics −

  • High backed
  • Low cut at the front
  • Flexible

Connection Cord

It is an essential part of binding. This helps the ski in getting attached to the athlete’s boot. If connecting cord will not be connected properly then unsteady motion of the ski will occur during the flight.


It is mandatory that all the part of the suit should be made up of the same kind of material. They should have some part of air permeability. As the sport is played on snow track, it is better that the thickness of the suit is more. For the flexibility during the sport, the size of the suit should be perfect for the athlete when he is in upright position.

Jumping Skis

They are designed specially to be used for skiing purpose at the steep hills. The length of the ski can be as long as 146% of the athlete’s body height.

However; the shaping and curvature of the suit is done by considering certain geometric features. To jump a certain length, an athlete needs to have certain body weight.


A player must carry a backpack as it is necessary in case he is not able to avail any help. The backpack must be lightweight and should have contain some sweet chocolates, water, first aid box, a camera, mobile or walkie talkie or GPS with him.

Sweet chocolates will give him carbohydrate and instant energy whereas water will save him from dehydration. Besides these, a GPS will enable you to locate yourself and a mobile phone can help you to communicate with others in danger. First aid is a must because it will give you medical assistance in need and last but not least a camera will allow you to take pictures of great sightseeing.