Karate – Terms

Although, Japanese’s Tae and Chinese’s Kung Fu are the parents of Karate, but it is the Japanese, who gave a great contribution in making this art popular worldwide. So it is quite a natural to observe some Japanese words in this game. A good beginner must learn the meanings of these words first to understand this game. So below are some of the common abbreviations with their usual meanings.

Terms Meanings
Kazu Numbers
Tachikata Stances
Utekata Blocking methods
Semekata Attacking methods
Kerikaka Kicking methods
Kata Forms
Atemi Strike
Barai Sweep
Bunkai Application of Kata techniques
Dai Ichi The first
Deshi The pupil or students
Dojo Place to practice
Hai Yes
Hidari Left
Iya No
Kokyo-Ho Breathing methods
Obi Karate belt

These are the minimum number of terms that one should know initially. However, the list is big if we differentiate each individual. As one initially starts practicing, with the passage of time, every day he will learn new words. A good pupil should understand the deeper meanings of each word and should know very well how to master these words before the end of the training session.