Karate – Scoring Techniques

Bouts point system is widely used to determine the points in traditional karate. The methods of scoring in Karate are numerous. Depending upon the style of hitting with having proper balance of body within the specified perimeter can award an ippon (one full point). If the balance and hit is not so strong then either half point or no point can also be awarded.

Bouts point system

There is also full style karate and American style kick boxing karate. The point system in both is different. For example in American style kick boxing the score is made by hitting the opponent with punches and kick whereas, in full style karate the scores counts for defending yourself or to get yourself away from the opponents touch.

Be Smart and Fast

We inherit all the universal knowledge through our five senses-sight, smell, touch, sound and smell. They all leads pathway towards our brain. However a possible choice of combination of various senses to grasp new information varies from person to person. For example some use touch, sight and sound as their first preferable combination of sense to grasp a new technique.

Training Techniques

A good master knows very well how to train his pupils by playing with their senses. For example some instructors prefer demonstration(visual), discussion(auditory) and practice(kinesthetic) to teach a new method to their students whereas, some do agree upon the fact that learning from a pain is a good way to memorize the techniques till longer times.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Practicing karate is not an easy task. It requires the hard spirit to withstand all the pain. Keeping your mind cool and balancing your body is another important factor as well but most of the people often leave the practice in between. When asked they reply that they haven’t got any motivation. So in short we can say you should have a strong reason for answering why and what questions that will pop up in your head.

Some people learn for the sake of self-defense. Some crave for black belt whereas, some want to dedicate their whole life in karate just to be able to teach others. Find yourself a strong reason. It will keep you motivated. Watch the videos of many fighters to get to know what level of hard work does it requires actually and where exactly you stand on that point.

Most teachers often suggest that every day you should feed your mind that you will learn something new style in karate today. Some moves and styles that you have not tried earlier, in short keep- stay hungry, stay foolish type attitude. Pen down every day on a blank paper.