Judo – Training

Judo is not a simple game that one can learn in a day or a week. It takes heavy practice to master the art. You would require an experienced coach having black or red belt to become a professional Judo player. The coach will instruct you and let you practice with the weight of the people of your own size.

You will be required to wear Judo uniform commonly known as Gi; it is designed in a manner to make you comfortable while making Judo movements during a match.

Judo Training

During the training period, the first and foremost thing that one should learn is ukemi which is otherwise known as break falls. This will protect you from getting yourself hurt while falling over the ground.

Keep learning new techniques every day. It is important to learn the basics first but then don’t stop at basics. Make your mind and body to get ready to learn new techniques every day. It will keep you motivated and energized throughout the training session.

When you are making yourself ready for an international tournament, learn some basics of Japanese language to know what your opponent is saying. It is important that you learn all the rules of Judo because breaking a rule may get you disqualified from the entire tournament.