Judo – Techniques

Different techniques in Judo are known as waza. Three different types of waza are as follows.

  • Nage-waza (Throwing techniques)
  • Katame-waza (Grappling technique)
  • Atemi-waza (Attacking Techniques)

Atemi-waza is not popular because it is designed to hurt the opponent. The person who performs this waza is known as tori and upon whom this waza is applied is known as uke.


In this technique, the tori tries to throw the uke on the ground. This also involves various stages. The act of balance breaking under this wazas is known as kuzushi. Similarly, the act of turning in and fitting into the ground is known as Tsukuri. The act of successfully executing and throwing upon the ground is termed as Kake.



This process involves the art of holding someone firmly and seizing him. This waza is further divided into many categories such as osaekomi-waza (holding technique), shime-waza (act of choking the uke by the tori) and kansetsu-waza(tori tries to make uke down by manipulating his joint parts).


Leg Sweeping Techniques

Leg sweeping is a process in which a player tries to put his opponent on ground using his legs. Mastering this technique will be very handy for you and it can be a key factor in winning a match. Here are some cool techniques that you should learn and try.

Foot Sweep

Foot Sweep

  • Step 1 − Make the opponent to step forward towards you.

  • Step 2 − Before he steps back, just catch one of his ankle with your leg.

  • Step 3 − Now swift the ankle through your leg towards the appropriate direction and let it go so that he will fall on his back on the ground.

Nice Leg Sweep

Nice Leg Sweep

  • Step 1 − Apply your whole weight on the body of your opponent such that he will tilt towards his left.

  • Step 2 − Make sure that he applies all his weight on the left leg, right leg being in air.

  • Step 3 − Sweep the supporting leg with strong force, resulting in an instant fall back of your opponent.

Spin Hit Technique

  • Step 1 − Put your leg side wise between the two legs of your opponent.

  • Step 2 − Turn back towards your opponent.

  • Step 3 − Move your hip closer towards your opponent to support his entire weight on you.

  • Step 4 − Now put your leg near his leg and tilt him up in the air for a clear and easy sweep.

Spin Hit

This technique is also known as Harai Goshi. Although these techniques are useful but often come with price when we use them without proper guidance and precautions. It is always a wise decision to practice these under the guidance of a master. Apart from this, you should learn how to defend when your opponent applies the same upon you.