Ice Mountaineering – Rules

UIAA is the governing body for creating and implementing rules of ice mountaineering and all other individual bodies who organise ice mountaineering competition, have to follow the same. Some of the rules of the sport are as follows −

Before the Ascent

  • The climber has to be tied with a rope that is 8 in shape and also with a stop rope.

  • Wait for the belayer to be ready before the starting of the match.

  • Wait for the judge to be ready.

  • The position of the two axes should be on the starting area which is marked with blue colour on a hold.

  • Pre-clipping of the first quick draw must be done.

  • As soon as one of the axes leaves the starting area, stopwatch gets started.

During the Ascent

  • At the time of route preview, the mountaineering period is announced to all the participating athletes in advance. This period is decided by the chief judge of the tournament and the chief route settler.

  • Every rider has the right to ask the referee about his remaining time of ascent.

  • It is the judge in charge of the route who announces the last minute of the sport.

  • Certain boundary lines are drawn in red colour. If an athlete crosses that red line then he/she will be disqualified from the sport.


End of the Ascent

A rider’s ascent comes to an end in the following cases −

  • Lapse of official time

  • Fall of the rider

  • Touching of the boundary line by the athlete

  • If a climber fails to clip the quick draws in sequence

  • If a rider touches the ground after his/her ascent

  • If the climber uses any other aiding devices to support his mountaineering apart from his hand, legs, axe or arm.

  • If an athlete fails to wear any mandatory safety equipment as prescribed by the governing bodies.