Ice Mountaineering – Environment

Playing environment of this sport demands icy mountains and hilly structures. More stiff and curvy the structure is, more difficult will be the level. Keeping in mind the adverse effects of mountaineering, adequate measures are also taken to ensure the safety of competitors.

UIAA also builds artificial ice mountaineering structures. These three dimensional structures will be something different than other sport mountaineering structures. The walls are large ice panels and are fabricated in such a way that it is nearly impossible to mount those structures without ice axes.

Artifical Mountain

The structures are made up of wood and ice. It contains various reliefs such as vertical sections, over hanging sections, ice barrels etc. Mountaineering these structures is not only a physical challenge but also a mental test too. UIAA directs organisers to ensure that ice is on the wall to preserve the identity of the sport.

Sometimes when environment is not permissible to use ice, wood structures may be used and climbers with the help of crampons present under their shoes can climb on any part of wood without any problem. Through bolts and screws, mountaineering holds are fitted inside the panel to make the routes easily accessible.