Horse Racing – How to Ride?

To ride a horse, you should be able to make a strong bond with them. Because they are animals and they tend to carry out your orders only if you are kind to them. So first you should learn how to tame them. Always give a gentle pat on their neck while riding them; it will make them sure that they are doing right.

Ride a Horse

To understand them better, try to see the world through their perspective. This will help you a lot in understanding them. Upon completion of a task, reward them with a healthy treat. This will make a mark in their mind, so that they will try to perform better always.

How to Ride a Horse?

Stand at the left side of the horse and mark the stirrup. Now put your left leg on the stirrup. With one hand hold the reins properly making a firm grip on the front side of the saddle and put one hand behind the saddle. Now gently mount on the horse without kneeling on him. Make sure that the girth is tightened.

How to Ride

Stirrups should be of even size on the both sides. To balance yourself properly sit exactly at the middle of the saddle. Heels should be pushed downwards and most importantly make a straight erect body posture with the chin being up. This will give you level of confidence. Don’t keep long reins as this may put you in difficulty in controlling the horses. Instead keep them short.

How to Run a Horse?

Now it’s time for a walk. A gentle squeeze with your legs is enough to make your horse understand your order. In case your horse is a bit lazy, just give a small kick. Don’t ever try to rest your hand ever on the neck of the horse. Try to have a control on the rein by not moving your hands much, because this may accidentally move the horse towards right or left.

How to Run a Horse

Once your horse starts to walk gradually, increase the speed by further squeezing, whipping or with small kicks. Same is the process while you go down. Do not pound yourself completely while slowing down. Another important aspect that every horse rider should follow every time after changing the reins is; checking for the diagonals, failing to which the rider would have difficult time while riding.