Horse Racing – Training Schedule

To ensure proper conditioning of your horse, you should plan a good training schedule. Starting from a low session, gradually you have to train them from higher sessions, ensuring their good health in mind. The stages of training can go like −

  • Foals training for younger horses
  • Ground training
  • Backing

Foals − Soon after getting birth, foals are handed over to their respective advocates. They use the method of imprinting, in which soon after their birth they are exposed to an atmosphere in which they have to lead rest of their life. They are exposed to human touch and voice. This type of nursing method ensures that the foals will learn the fact that humans are not harmful to them and they must be respected.


After 1-2 years of their birth, they are introduced to do some ground training. It makes their bones stronger. However, till the end of this training, it is advised not to ride them.

Following are the various training schedules for training − Training name and Aim

Round penning

To teach the horse to respond to your commands, giving him/her directions, teaching it how to respond, etc.



To make him/her flapping the objects and to allow itself to touch the objects and feel them.


Ground Driving

With the help of rein, teaching a horse to move forwards accompanied by a man behind its back.



Making a horse comfortable with reins, bit and bridle.

The last stage is Backing which is the process of riding a horse. In this process, the horse is made comfortable, so that a human can ride on it. Firstly, they are given to pull a cart at the early age of 2 or 3 years. By the time they gain enough human trust and love, they are introduced to human riding.