Hammer Throw – Safety Measures

Although the sport looks simple from outside, but it needs many safety measures while performing it over the field. This is because any slight mismatch in the performance can hamper a great injury to both athlete and the spectators. For this reason it is often played in a semi closed encasement.

Some important safety measures that should be followed during the competition are −

  • During the performance, all the retrievers and officials are ordered not to turn their back to the area of playing. This is because in the worst case, if any practitioner loses his/her balance, some hazard may happen.

  • Soon after bringing the implement to the athletic area, the retrievers are advised to walk backward or on the side of their head.

  • Officials and other judges should always stand at the back side of the net.

  • Always inspect the ground before practicing because maximum times during rainy season or in winter season, the ground becomes wet and slippery.

  • The ground should be clear from any foreign objects.

  • Before throwing, make sure that no one is present on the landing area.