Golf – Rules

The rules of golf is maintained and governed by International Golf Federation (IGF) all over the world. Apart from this, all countries have their own governing bodies to organise the game in the fairway. Some of the important rules that one must be aware of before getting his/her hands into the game are as follows −

  • The teeing of the ball should be done within a club’s length of the hole.

  • Position of your tee must be upon the ground.

  • The player is not allowed to remove any obstacles while playing. Only obstacles within the club’s length of the ball on fair green can be removed.

  • In case it has been found that your balls are touching each other, you have to pick up the first ball till you play the last one.

  • During the time of holing, it is expected of you to play the game fairly without laying yourself in the way of hole.

  • The person whose ball lies farthest from the hole is supposed to play first.

  • If you are at the position of holing, then you are not allowed to mark the path of holing with any material like your club or foot etc.

  • If the movement of the ball is stopped by any animal like dog or birds etc, then it has to be played again from its initial position.

  • Once you strike off a ball with a tee, you cannot change the ball with another one.

  • While playing, if your ball comes under any watery filth, then you are free to take out your ball from that position and tee it again.